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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Menopause?

Updated: Jul 4

“Larissa is 52. She's excited to be starting a new phase of her life as her children leave home and she has more time for her other interests. She's looking forward to traveling and taking a computer class.

But, recent health changes have been getting in the way of her plans. Larissa has been having irregular periods for the past few months. Now, she's getting hot flashes and having trouble sleeping. The hot flashes, which cause her body and face to heat up quickly and uncomfortably, are waking her up several times a night. Larissa is tired and irritable from lack of sleep and fed up with the hot flashes. She is ready to talk with her doctor about finding some relief.

Larissa 今年52岁。随着孩子们离开家,她有更多的时间从事自己的其他事业,她为开始自己的新生活感到兴奋。她期待旅行和参加计算机课程。但是,最近的健康变化已经阻碍了她的计划。Larissa在过去几个月月经一直不规律。近期,她开始潮热,难以入睡。潮热使她的身体和脸部快速且不舒服地发热,使她每晚醒来几次。Larissa因缺乏睡眠而感到疲劳和烦躁,对潮热感到厌烦。她准备与她的医生谈谈寻求缓解。

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