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  • Are TCM Treatments safe?
    TCM has been practised for centuries. It promotes the usage of natural ingredients and encourages the body to regulate itself. The clinic's physicians are all registered under the TCM Practioners Board of Singapore and have years of clinical experience.
  • Why does my neck ache so often?
    Neck pain is a common syndrome for people working desk bound jobs. After every hour, remember to move away from your desk and do some stretches. Also, check that your sleeping pillow is not too high, a fist height is usually recommended. If these changes do not help you alleviate your pain, or your neck pain cause you to experience headaches, come down to our clinic and our physician can do a checkup and recommend you the best treatment methods.
  • Why do I need to undergo consultation first?
    Answering thorough questions actually helps a physician understand your condition better, and propose the best treatment solution for you! Don't worry! All these questions are for your benefit!
  • How long does each treatment take?
    Each treatment session (consultation, spot massage, acupuncture) is usually about 40 to 45 mins. At the end of the session depending on each individual's situation, the physician will recommend a follow up date. During the follow up session, it will be possible to understand the individual's recovery rate. In most cases, patient's experience remarkable improvements after 3 to 4 sessions. No one is trying to scam you when we tell you that you need a review. Think about it, do you recover from an infection by eating medicine for just 1 day?
  • Why is treatment so expensive?
    As cliche as it sounds, health is priceless. Are you willing to live in constant pain and allow your problems to escalate until the only solution is surgery? Don't worry, you have our promise that we do not oversell you treatements that you do not require!
Have an unanswered question? Ask our physicians via the comment section below!
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